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Old Taoist Bay: A New Tourist Attraction Arising in Zhangjiajie

On July 5th, the vacation-oriented resorts Old Taoist Bay (laodaowan) has unveiled its mysterious and charming face towards the public. The soft opening ceremony is held on Old Taoist Bay.

Located in Guanliping street, Yongding district, Zhangjiajie city, under the foot of the south of Tianmen Mountain, Old Taoist Bay is famous for a legend that once a Taoist priest whose name was Guiguzi cultivated himself and preached here.It is 7 kilometers from the downtown of Zhangjiajie and covers an area of over 9000 acres.

According to the official antistatics, Old Taoist Bay has developed three main travel lines.

The western line named the fairy valley with seven pools and seven waterfalls is the originally ecological and natural landscape. The midline is the ever prosperous ancient business road of thousand years where the Thirteen-Six Jiao, the Gory Guard, and so on locates here and have seen its ups and downs in history. What is more, it focus on red tourism.The eastern line is called Gui Gu gorge. Till now there are eighteen pools standing for Guigu culture accessible to visitors.

A officer states that Old Taoist Bay is developed in accordance with the scientific planning, that is take both development and protection into consideration. Ecologically developing is the main characteristic for there are many kinds of rare plants and animals in it and the whole bay remains in a primitive state.

There is no denying that Old Taoist Bay is a great visual feast for every tourist, not because its beautiful natural sceneries but also the special culture contained. No more hesitate just go for a visit.

By Aileen