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“Pandora is far;Zhangjiajie is close”Awarded “Most Network Influence TSlogan”

After the show of international blockbuster Avatar in global, the tourism administration of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan has organized a serials of marketing activities themed with “Pandora is too far; Zhangjiajie is very close”, which has received strong response outside China. On July 15th, in the first “China Best Tourism Slogan” activity, held by Global Times·Global Tourism, the slogan, brought by the tourism administration of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan, “Pandora is too far; Zhangjiajie is very close” is voted as “the most network influence tourism slogan”.

Avatar arouse global film fans’ cheers and appreciation, but it also provoked another contend for the prototype of Hallelujah Mountain. Zhangjiajie and Mount Huang, the two famous scenic spots started to strive for Avatar’s shooting location on the Internet. Thus Zhangjiajie attracts numerous tourists by Avatar’s popularity. Afterwards, Wulingyuan scenic spot changed the name of “Heaven and Earth Column” for Hallelujah Mountain and actively advertised on the Internet, which attracted attention from netizens and media. Hundreds of thousands tourists both from home and abroad came to see the real floating mountain.

According to the report, “China Best Tourism Slogan” activity is to enhance the market thoughts, innovative ideas and professional spirit for China’s tourism. Through the release of the voting results, it outlines a tourism destination in China that dare to improve its tourism marketing and attract the hearts of tourists.

Translated by Crystal