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The Winner List of Zhangjiajie ITL Professional Model Contest Released Officially

On May 23th, the organizing committee of China division of the 12th international professional model contest officially releases its final winner list on its website. Hu wenmin, the female model once obtained the championship, and the male model Zhang lizheng who once won the third place, are disqualified. According to the report, the winners of the male and female model are replaced by their latter winners.

The announcement says, the organizing committee of this competition will embody idea of ecological civilization and loving heart into this contest, and Na Cadbury Group also advocates youthful vitality of Zhangjiajie, environmental protection and loving Na Cadbury”, which receives support and participation from the majority of contestants. At the same time, the organizing committee will organize the model contestants to conduct some activities to promote ecological civilization, such as picking up rubbishes in the scenic spots and students-aiding activities, such as helping disabled children, which all consist of the main part of China final competition of the the 12th international professional model contest and also the inseparable part of this contest.

Translated by Crystal