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Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village Receiving Praises from Guests beyond Chinese Border

On May 23, the voluntary information desk in Yellow Stone Village charged by member of the Communist Party received a group of 15 representatives who was to attend the international conference on colored gemstones. They are mostly from Korea, Singapore, Canada, America,India etc. Accompanied by the staff in the scenic spots, they were very satisfied with the management and service, leaving blessings and greetings on comments book.

Since this year, Yellow Stone Village have been carrying out standardization management and English training program. It encourages staff to apply simple oral English ,which helps to increase their courage and abilities. Generally speaking, it is a good way to enhance customer service and oral English application level of the staff, a good way to promote the internationalization of employees’s service and skills. According to statistics, the voluntary information desk has collected 68 messages and suggestions. They are very useful and practical guidelines to enhance the management and service level and build a first-class international scenic spots.

By Emma