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2013 China’s beautiful mountains tour Promotional activities in South Korea

From April 24th to 28th, in order to develop the abundant mountains tourism resources in Hunan,to fully display the unique charm of these mountains and to further explore overseas tourism market of South Korea, Bu yuehui, deputy director of the provincial tourism bureau,along with the leaders of Nanyue District Authority,Nanyue Tourist Administration and Huatian CITS,has participated in the “2013 China beauty. Mountain tour” promotional activities organized by China national tourism administration.

The Theme campaign of “2013 China beauty. Mountain tour” is one of the series promotion activities under the theme of “beautiful China” tour organized by the national tourism administration overseas this year.And 7 provinces (city) bureau groups which is rich in mountain tourism resources including Hunan, Beijing,Sichuan,Zhejiang, Henan,Shanxi,Anhui have joined this activity.Hunan delegation has participated in a series of promotional activities facing both the tourism industry and the public.

By Brenda