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Sera Mountain-Climbing Spot

Many people yearn for traveling to
Tibet due to its mysterious, visiting to Tibetan monasteries, worshiping Buddha, wandering around
Barkhor Street, enjoying and relaxing in the sunshine of high altitude. For some people who are interested in rock climbing,
Lhasa is also a great choice.

  Sera Mountain-Climbing Spot is located at the mountainside of Serawoze Mountain, behind the
Sera Monastery, in Duodi Village, Lhasa City. It divided into 2 sections, respectively bouldering area and rock climbing area. In order to train the students from Tibet Mountaineering School in November of 2000, the three coaches of French Mountain & Rock Climbing Association opened this rock climbing training field next to Sera Monastery on the north of Lhasa. There are hundreds of granite stones from the mid-level of the mountain up, where there are hundreds of routes for bouldering. However, the ground under the stones is uneven, it is more difficult for the climber to protect themselves. The Rock climbing lines are also very rich. There are over 20 lines for rock climbing with difficulty between 5.8 and 5.11. Some place may reach 5.12. Therefore, everyone can find a suitable route for themselves if they choose to do rock climbing here. The rocks are granite, and he hand and foot holds are small, the climbing difficulty is relatively high, with the high altitude.Besides, There are also several long and high climbing routes, more than 100 m., which are quite enjoyable for climbing fans.