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Li River Helicopter Tours

Have you ever experienced a helicopter tour to see the crystal Li River? I promise it is an amazing trip if you see the river from above. You will have an extraordinarily memory of Li River.

There are two helicopter routes of Li River.
Route 1 including Crown Cave to Yangdi part is in a shorter flying time for people who may not get used of the helicopter.
Route 2 including Yangdi and Xingping part which is the most beautiful part of Li River. The flying time is longer. This route is highly recommended if you don’t afraid of taking helicopters.

Li River Helicopter Tours (Offered by Guilin Tonghang Co., Ltd.)
Route 1) Yuzi Paradise (ClubMed Resort) - Crown Cave - Yangdi Wharf - Yuzi Paradise (ClubMed Resort)
Duration: 15 - 20 min
Distance: 30 km
Highlight: A bird view of Li River (Crown Cave to Yangdi Wharf part)

Route 2) Yuzi Paradise (ClubMed Resort) - Yangdi Wharf - Xingping - Yuzi Paradise (ClubMed Resort)
Duration: 30 - 40 min
Distance: 50 km
Highlight: A bird view of the Li River (Yangdi to Xinping part)


♦ Please read the following terms and conditions carefully so that avoiding any disputes when booking the tour 1) The helicopter used in this activity is R44 Model

R44 Helicopter
Manufacturer: US Robinson Helicopter Company Seat: 4 seats Max Speed: 240km/hour Characteristics: ► The wildly used helicopter in the world ► Keeping the highest records in speed, height, and distance in same type of helicopters

2) Quotation includes the aviation passenger accident insurance 3) Group should be at least 2 pax. 4) Reschedule by guests’ own reasons, please inform us at least 1 day in advance. Each reschedule charges 30% amount of the full price. 5) Cancellation by guests’ own reasons

Cancellation Refund
Within 72 hours before the scheduled date of departure Deduct 30% from the full refund
Within 24 hours before the scheduled date of departure Deduct 50% from the full refund
In the scheduled date of departure Get NO refund unless it is agreed by TCT

6) Reschedule by force majeure factors such as weather, governmental restriction, helicopter fault, etc, we will re-arrange it according to your time as soon as possible.