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Red Stone National Geographical Park,One of Top Ten in Western Hunan

According to China net of Gardens, on 7th, May, Red stone national geographical park has been listed as one of the top ten scenic spots in Western Hunan, which has added another fantastic resort to Western Hunan.

Located in the Northwestern part of Hunan, Red Stone has been granted as Red Stone National Geographical Park in 2005 after being approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources and in 2006, it has been crowned as Youshui (Baihe) Gallery in landscape–one of the top eight scenic spots in new Hunan.

With karst, springs, canyons, caves, lakes, waterfalls rolled into one, it possesses high values in terms of geographic scientific research, appreciation, and tourism landscape. Hailed as the No.1 wonder of Wuling scenic area, it can be an ideal place for travel with unpolluted and primitive mountains and forests.Limpid water with reflections of green plants and red stone forest in it awaits you, a paradise for those photographers!

By Brenda