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Recommend Chinese Souvenirs to Buy When Shopping in China

Handicrafts, traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphic works, chopsticks, pandas, tea, and silk – numerous Chinese factors attract visitors from all over the world every year. Before leaving China, it’s worth buying some Chinese-style souvenirs to take home with you. How to shopping in China? The following tips are helpful.

1.    “I Am Just This Kind of Emperor” Folding Fan — Interesting and Cool

If you plan to visit the Forbidden City in Beijing, the “I am just this kind of emperor” folding fan is recommended for you. “I am just this kind of emperor” originated from the commentary to Tian Wenjing by Emperor Yongzheng. “I am just as I am, that’s my character. If all ministers show allegiance to me, I will never let them down.”

He was an honest and wise emperor who often wrote comments that were even longer than the memorial to the throne. He never wrote in the correct manner as he had his own unique personality, so Chinese history buffs often use his words to highlight his interesting and optimistic characteristics.

2.    Handmade Models of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses — Historic and Representative

As the landmark for tourists in Shaanxi Province, the Terracotta Warriors cannot be ignored. There are various models and decorations relating to this representative attraction, so just choose one you like.

There are 75 shops selling souvenirs of the Terracotta Warriors, from thumb-sized resin ornaments to 20-centimeter-high decorative items. As well as individual pottery figures, bronze chariots, copper horses, and sets of Terracotta Warriors are popular with travelers.

3.    Silk, One of the Most Popular Souvenirs in China

Silk is not purely a consumer product but also conveys Chinese people’s interests and artistic conceptions. Chinese silk is delicate, beautiful, soft, colorful, and is of good quality. It has the reputation of being the “flower of Oriental art” and is perhaps one of the most popular souvenirs for female friends.

Silk products vary from traditional silk landscape paintings to silk clothes. Today, Nanchong in Sichuan Province and Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Huzhou of Zhejiang Province are the principal producers of Chinese silk.

4.    West Lake Silk Umbrella — the Flower of West Lake

A silk umbrella is a useful and exquisite traditional Chinese souvenir. It became a popular item with local women and was then made available in the markets for tourists as beautiful souvenirs.

The first one was created over 80 years ago and was honored as the “flower of West Lake“. The umbrella was made of Hangzhou silk, hence its name. The materials are well-chosen, so the umbrella is of good quality and is soft to the touch.

Moreover, traditional and carefully created Chinese paintings, including landscapes or animals, are drawn on silk umbrellas. That is the highlight specific to West Lake silk umbrellas, which other umbrellas can’t compare with.

5.    Chinese Calligraphy, an Artistic Way to Witness China’s Historic Changes

China with 5,000 years of splendid civilization and unparalleled rich written records have been recognized by the world. Among the country’s vast and profound history, Chinese calligraphy is another artistic way to display the historic changes.

There are plenty of calligraphic souvenirs, including fans, clothes, pottery, paintings, and books. You may encounter some calligraphic artists on the streets and you can watch them write your favorite Chinese characters.

6.    Tailored Chinese-Style Clothes — Dress Like an Ancient Chinese Person

Dressing as an ancient Chinese person is an interesting experience in China. During different dynasties in Chinese history, clothes varied and reflected the culture and thoughts during that time. The most common style of ancient clothes are Manchurian clothes, the Hanfu, and Tang costumes. Having Chinese-style clothes tailor-made is very cheap in China at about $80. You can get a tailor-made suit or dress for a nice price in China.

7.    Chinese Tea — One of the Best Tea Producers in the World

China has a very long history of drinking tea and has influenced many countries. Some people believe that drinking tea was created by the Chinese and most of the methods used for planting and drinking tea were transferred from China. Tea plays a very big role in China, being a good product that has numerous health benefits.

The most popular Chinese teas are West Lake Longjing tea, Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip, Anxi Tieguanyin tea, and Dongting Biluochun tea. Taking some Chinese tea back home with you is a good choice. Most shops will offer a wide range of flavors. Drink a cup of tea before choosing which one to buy. 

8.    Jewelry — a Great Amount Is Produced in China

Jewelry is another popular souvenir for ladies and it is widely produced in China. Many stores in tourist areas and shopping malls will sell necklaces and bracelets. Traditional Chinese-style designs and vivid handcrafted jewelry  have charm and a retro appeal. A lot of cheap jewelry is found in small stores. If you want to purchase jewelry that’s of good quality, go to reliable large shops/

9.    Folk Paper-Cutting in Xi’an — Unique, Historic, and Amazing

Paper-cutting is a traditional Chinese art and was listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. Shaanxi Province is the home of Chinese paper-cutting. Its wide-ranging use and unique style is popular with local people.

To display happiness and luck, local residents will paste paper-cuttings on their windows and inside their homes during each festival. For travelers, a paper-cutting is the perfect souvenir because it’s easy to take, is well-made, representative, and interesting.

10.  Porcelain, a Typical Symbol of China

China is home to porcelain. As a typical symbol of China, porcelain is a great creation and reflects the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. The history of porcelain can be dated back to between 4500 BC and 2500 BC. It’s said that before Europeans mastered the skills to make it, the Chinese could already make pretty and delicate porcelain items.

Of course, as a visitor, you needn’t buy expensive porcelain but select small and delicate porcelain works as mementos. No matter whether you’re shopping in the streets or in a shopping mall, try to bargain with the vendors and buy your porcelain items at an acceptable price.