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“Internet+ Tibetan Cultural Tourism Center” opened

The “Internet+ Tibetan Cultural Tourism VR Experience Center” debuted in Lhasa on August 18. There is a circular arc sky-themed background wall with seven big screens at the entrance of the experience center. Those seven screens respectively display Tibetan cultural tourism in different ways.

Visitors can witness the 360-degree panoramic photography of “Tibetan regional tourism”, presenting virtual experience of achievements of Tibetan cultural development and splendid Tibetan sceneries. Upon entering the museum, visitors first visit the VR experience area and the event stage, where they put on VR glasses and experience 360-degree panoramic visual mode. After wearing on VR glasses, it will vividly simulate Tibetan sceneries as if they were visiting there at that moment.

Virtual 3D technology can digitally preserve cultural relics, and this technology will soon be applied to cultural relic protection work in Tibet. The Internet+ Tibetan Cultural Tourism Experience Center will be promoted to more than 1,000 participants at the Third China Tibet Tourism Culture International Exhibition.