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Located in the north-western Jiading District of Shanghai, Nanxiang Water Town is a small town with a history of nearly 1500 years. it is one of four famous historical and cultural ancient towns in Shanghai City. It has convenient traffic facilities both on the land and by river.Nanxiang is the south gate of Jiading District and an important town of culture and business in South Jiading. The main attractions in the town include Nanxiang Twin Pagodas, Hezuo Hill and Guyi Garden where you can admiring lotuses in Summer.

It's a business center from old times and was known as Silver Nanxiang. In 1991, it was listed as one of the four famous historical and cultural towns in Shanghai. This old ancient town is the birthplace of the famous Xiaolongbao steamed bun, which are well liked throughout the world. It’s definitely worth trying a few of these delicious buns. The town houses the oldest and original shop selling the famous Xiaolong mantou, which was established in 1900. There are plenty of relics on display that have stayed untouched since the Ming Dynasty days.

The town is also the home to one of Shanghai's five most important classical gardens, the Guyi Garden of Nanxiang which is designed in the typical style of a Southern China’s classical garden. The old street in Nanxiang Ancient Town is another great sight to visit, and is somewhat similar to what you may have traveled in other water towns like Zhujiajiao, Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang, etc. and the streets here are full of the rich smell of oily & spicy Chinese cuisine, as well as the much expected souvenir shops selling everything.

How to Get to Nanxiang Ancient Town

You may take Metro Line 11 from Jiangsu Lu to Nanxiang directly (takes around 40 minutes). Then take a 15 minute walk along Huyi Gong Lu to reach Guyi Garden or you can carry on walking straight down Minzhu Jie and the garden is located on the left hand of the road. Or you can take Bus 517, 562, 822 and get off at Nanxiang Gu Zhen Station.

To make the most of the visit to the garden, visitors can rent a small rowboat to take a ride along the bright green algae ridden lake. Just make sure you known how to how to ride the boat as no one will be there to teach you.