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“Iron Man”Conquered the World’s Highest Ladder-Zhangjiajie Bailong Ladder

Live reports of Hunan TV and Hunan Mango Radio about Iron Man’s extreme challenge have attracted millions of audience who are on the spot or sitting in front of the TV.Starting at 12 o’clock this noon on 18th May,“Iron Man ”-French climber Jean Michel Casanova,who performed thrilling and exciting stunts on the Hollywood blockbuster-Iron Man 3, has finally gone through the unpleasant weather condition and successfully conquered Bailong Ladder,the hightest ladders in the world.

The whole climbing process lasts 68 minutes.On the scene there are reporters from mainstream media and tourists witnessed the unbelievable and suspensive process. When JeanMichel Casanova,whose Chinese name is Ma jin,arrived at 150 meter’s level,audience on the spot all spontaneously cheer him and cry for him.

The live shot shows that he runs out of his energy when there are only 20 meters left.Voice from Majin’s earphone reveals that he continues on purely rely on his belief and ambition.Though,he is 46 years old now,he believes in human’s ability to conquer the nature and the whole world.Before climbing,Ma jin received the interview and said Bailong Ladder will be more difficult to climb than Eiffel Tower.Firstly,Bailong Ladder of Zhangjiajie is the highest ladder around theworld .Secondly,the steel structure headframes of Bailong Ladder are too smooth and big for him to clench.

From the Guinness Book of Records,the Bailong Ladder is the fastest,highest and most carrying lift in the world. Ma jin’s challenge is with a height of 172 meters . He has climbed many high mountains and buildings,thus crowned as the best outdoor climbing coach in worldwide and once awarded as“Top 10 Climbing Photographers in the World”.

By Aileen