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How to Travel in China Without Traffic Jams

Traffic jams are very common in China, especially during the rush hours. You may not be able to imagine how much they can influence your plans until you experience them. How can you escape from the terrible traffic jams in China? Read on to find out.

Facts about China’s Traffic Jams
  1. You can’t escape easily from the bad traffic jams that occur during the rush hours. The only difference between each one is how long you stay on the same road for.
  2. October, November, and December are the worst months of the year for traffic.
  3. Only 19 percent of cities in China aren’t influenced by traffic jams.
  4. Among the big cities in China, Beijing has the worst traffic jams.
Top 10 Cities with the Worst Traffic Jams
1. Jinan, the Capital of Shandong Province
  • Congestion index:065
  • Speed during the rush hours:09 kph
  • Duration: 6pm to 7pm
2. Harbin, the Capital of Heilongjiang Province
  • Congestion index:049
  • Speed during the rush hours:94 kph
  • Duration: 5pm to 6pm
3. Beijing, the Capital of China
  • Congestion index:046
  • Speed during the rush hours:91 kph
  • Duration: 8am to 9am and 9pm
4. Guangzhou, the Capital of Guangdong Province
  • Congestion index:936
  • Speed during the rush hours:75 kph
  • Duration: 5pm to 6pm
5. Chongqing
  • Congestion index:931
  • Speed during the rush hours:20 kph
  • Duration: 7am to 8am
6. Dalian, the Sub-Provincial City of Liaoning Province
  • Congestion index:930
  • Speed during the rush hours:38 kph
  • Duration: 7am to 8am
7. Changchun, the Capital of Jilin Province
  • Congestion index:900
  • Speed during the rush hours:60 kph
  • Duration: 6am to 7am
8. Shanghai
  • Congestion index:899
  • Speed during the rush hours:93 kph
  • Duration: 6pm to 7pm
9. Xi’an, the Capital of Shaanxi Province
  • Congestion index:879
  • Speed during the rush hours:24 kph
  • Duration: 5pm to 6pm
10.  Kunming, the Capital of Yunnan Province
  • Congestion index:873
  • Speed during the rush hours:94 kph
  • Duration: 5pm to 6pm
Suggestions for Escaping from Congestion in China
  1. Try to avoid going out during the rush hours. Generally speaking, traffic conditions are poor from 8am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm.
  2. Take the subway or ride a bike instead of taking a taxi, a bus, or driving a car during the peak traffic hours.