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Free Travel in Zhangjiajie Core Scenic Spot for Global Students Under the Age of 19

From June 1 to May 31th,2014, the primary and secondary students from home and abroad under the age of 19(including 19 years old) not only can enjoy a free travel in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spot, but participate in the composition contest with prize honored, themed with “Beautiful China, Ecological Civilization Education Started from the Students”.

The range of the compositions covers primary and secondary students from home and abroad who care about Zhangjiajie’s landscapes, environment and ecology. The forms of the contest include narration, poem, prose and painting, etc, which embody many aspects, such as Zhangjiajie geomorphology, scenic landscape, ecological environment, biodiversity and resources and environment protection, etc.

The composition should contribute to server@zjjgood.com in electronic document(consulting telephone is 0744-8383173). You can choose the topic and theme by yourself. There is your name, age, grade, instructor, school and telephone number at the end of the composition.

Conducting the composition contest is sound activity to popularize science and technology towards global primary and secondary students students. It can make the students learn more about ecological protection and scientific and technologic knowledge and advocate civilized tourism.

Translated by Crystal