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Enjoy Tang Dynasty Show

The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, a performance of Changan music and dance originated in China's Tang Dynasty over a thousand years ago.

It has been recreated in accordance with various historical records as well as ancient art and relics discovered in Xian, the capital of the empire during the Tang Dynasty.


Where Can I Watch Tang Dynasty Show in Xian?

The Tang Dynasty Theatre Palace(唐乐宫)
Address: No 75, Changan Road, Xian
Duration: 3.5 hours (daily 18:00 - 20:30 for dinner, 20:30 – 21:35 for Tang Dynasty Show)

The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show is performed by the "Tang Dynasty Song & Dance Troupe", a branch of the "Shaanxi Provincial Song & Dance Troupe". This type of performance has been treasured as a national art that reflects the glory and richness of the Tang Dynasty era.

It is a brand-new way to touch the Xian culture both in facets of history and catering. During the show time, you can also have a dynasty banquet which is only can be found in Xian.

The performance will be staged in four segments.

1. The first performance is a Tang Dynasty instrumental entitled THE KING OF EVER. Various Chinese musical instruments which are no longer in use today will be introduced to you. This part aims to celebrate the appreciation of the people towards their ruler because of his brilliant rule.

2. The second segment features four dances of different moods. The first presentation is the WHITE RAMIE CLOTH COSTUME DANCE. The DA NUO, a sorcerer dance, was meant to expel epidemics and ghosts and to solicit well-being.

3. The third presentation is entitled the RAINBOW COSTUME DANCE. This dance has a fantastic legend. It is said that the Emperor Xuan Zong had dreamt he had traveled to the palace of the moon, where he saw celestial women, clothed in feathers and rosy clouds dancing in the sky. After he awoke, his favorite concubine Yang Gui Fei performed this dance according to his recollection. The last dance in this segment is the WARRIOR’S TRIUMPHAL DANCE which expresses the Emperor vision of the powerful, sonorous and forceful spirit of his commanding troops.

An instrumental musical is arranged for you. In this part, you can enjoy a musical called "Happy Spring Outing". With the high skills to play the instruments, the melodies convey the praise to the early Spring. And the succession performance is called "SPRING ORIOLES SONG" which originated during the Tang Emperor accession to the throne when a flock of orioles flew overhead.

4. The final presentation is The TA GE, a clog dance. This style of dance was not only popular in the palace but also among the common people during the Tang Dynasty.

Other Theatres in Xian for Tang Dynasty Show

•Sunshine Beauty City Grand Theater (阳光丽都大剧院)
Address: No 100 Huancheng Nan Road, Xian
Duration: 2.5 hours (18:30-19:50 for dumpling banquet, 20:00-21:00 for Tang Dynasty Show)

•Shaanxi Song and Dance Grand Theater(陕西歌舞大剧院)
Address: NO 161 Wenyi Road, Xian
Duration: 3 hours (18:00-20:00 for dumpling banquet, 20:00-21:00 for Tang Dynasty Show)

•Huaqing Hot Spring(华清池)
Address: Huaqing Hot Spring Scenic Area, No 38 Huaqing Road, Tonglin District, Xian
Duration: Around 75 munites (20:30-21:45)