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Established in 1991, China Tea Museum is the only national museum in China that takes tea as its theme. China Tea Museum is situated at the idyllic Longjing Tea Village in the beautiful West Lake Scenic Area. The museum displays tea’s history, the various tea, tea events, tea sets and tea customs in China.

China Tea Museum is clustered around the tea plantations. In side the museum, the flower corridors, fake hills, ponds and water-side pavilions are well integrated. So they make it as the park in the south of the Changjiang River where has the clean atmosphere and can feel the closeness to nature. China Tea Museum, with the tea taste and fragrance, makes friends all over world.

In Chinese National Tea Musuem, visitors can get comprehensive information of the Chinese tea culture. The museum is comprised of four groups of buildings which display the history and development of tea in China. The tow main exhibition halls which named Tea Customs Hall and Kaleidoscope Hall will help people being a professor of Chinese tea immediately. In Tea Customs Hall, visitors can get close touch with the history of tea. It will tell the deep influence of Chinese tea in the minority groups, while there are more than three hundred kinds of tea in Kaleidoscope Hall.