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Hu Qingyu Traditional Pharmacy which locates at the foot of Wushan hill in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, is the only state-level professional one in China. Built on the foundation of a group of old buildings of Hu Qing Yu Tang traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Factory, the museum presents to visitors a style of antique architecture besides a treasury of traditional Chinese medical science and technology.

The museum, covering more than 4000 square meters of building area, consists of five parts: an exhibition hall, a hall of medicine preparation by manual labour, a health care clinic, a sales department and a restaurant of medicinal diets.

In the exhibition hall, the history of Chinese traditional medicine is demonstrated through a great number of item and descriptions, including anecdotes of famous Chinese doctors in history, such as Bian Que, Hua Tuo, Li shizhen .In addition to valuable relics of pharmacy handed down by Hu Qing Yu Tang. Views of other famous pharmaceutical establishments, are also displayed the hall.

In the medicine preparation hall, veteran masters demonstrate for visitors such operations as pill shaping, wax coating and slicing of crude drugs, Visitors, if interested in the ancient operations of medicine preparations, in a room of interest with hand tools, which will be an experience of fun.

In the traditional Chinese health care clinic in the museum, famous doctors with unique achievements will provide health care services to visitors.