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Taiyuan Attractions

Jinci Temple located southwest of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province has a long history of 1400 years, and it is a popular tourist attraction during visiting Taiyuan
Chongshan Temple is a royal Buddhist temple located in Taiyuan of Shanxi Province and was built during Tang Dynasty & once was known as White Horse Temple
Mount Cangshan in Yu County,Yangquan City, Shanxi, located on the west side of Taihang Mountains, is famous for a historic story occurred in Spring and Autumn Period named Zhaos family orphan.
Hukou Waterfall is the lartest waterfall on Yellow River, which is located in Hukou Town of Ji County in Linfen in Shanxi Province of China.
Mount Wutai is located in southeast Shanxi, about 230km from Taiyuan City. It is one of the “Four Sacred Mountains in Chinese Buddhism” in China. Mount Wutai was listed as a member in the World Heritage Sites.
Twin Pagodas Temple in Taiyuan are considered as the city’s symbol, which are located in southwest of Taiyuan, 4km from downtown.