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Henan Attractions

Yellow River Scenic Area is a national AAAA level scenic spot, which is 20km northwest of Zhengzhou in Henan Province & can be reached by bus 16
Shang Dynasty is one of the earliest recorded dynasties in Chinese history, and evidence points to the existence of an ancient city here as early as 1600B.C. and 1100B.C.
Yellow River is one of the most famous River in China, together with the Yangtze River. It is the second largest river and the Mother River of China's civilization.
Shaolin Temple, a world famous Buddhist temple in China, is located at the west foot of Mt. Songshan which is 13 km northwest of Dengfeng City, 66 km east from Zhengzhou, 49 kilometers west from Luoyang. It leans on Wuru Peak, surrounded by mountains and peaks, which appears well-proportioned natural barrier. The east of Mt. Songshan is the Taishi Mountain,...
Longmen Grottoes are located 12km south of present day Luoyang. The grottoes, which overwhelmingly depict Buddhist subjects, are densely dotted along the two mountains: Xiangshan Mountain (to the east) and Longmenshan Mountain (to the west). The Yi River flows northward between them. From north to south, the distance covered by grottoes is about 1km. There are over...
Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden is a theme garden in Kaifeng City, which is a copy of the famous painting by Zhang Zeduan in Northern Song Dynasty
Xiangguo Temple is a national AAAA tourist spot in Kaifeng and one of the ten famous Buddhist temples in China. It was built in 555 AD
Located in Kaifeng, Henan Province, China, Iron Pagoda Park (Tie Ta) was known as the Kaibao Temple Pagoda originally and was built by the Song emperor for keeping the relics of Sakyamuni.
The Dragon Pavilion Park was first the former mansion of a mission of the Tang Dynasty. Later it turned into an imperial palace in the later Liang, Later Jin, Later Han and Later Zhou periods.
The Ruins of Yin is the first confirmed capital ruins in Chinese history, which belongs to Yin Dynasty in 1300 BC, one of Chinese most early dynasty
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