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Jiayuguan Attractions

Jiayuguan Pass at the foot of Jiayuguan Hill between Wenshu & Heishan Mountains, is the first fortress on the Great Wall of China. It is a historic site
Wei Jin Tomb Murals located 20km from Jiayuguan is an art gallery of Wei & Jin Dynasties in history & regarded as the largest underground art gallery
The First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall, also known as Taolai River Beacon Tower, was constructed in 1539 under the supervision of the official of Suzhou rectifying armed force, Lihan.
Overhanging Great Wall is the northern extending part of Jiayuguan Pass. As the section of Shuzhou Guanxi Great Wall, it is an important part of the Jiayuguan ancient military defense system.
Qiyi Glacier, located hinderland of Qilian Mountain Range, 116 away from southwest of Jiyauguan City, Gansu, is the glacier closest to City area in Asian.