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Overhanging Great Wall is the northern extending part of Jiayuguan Pass. There is Badaling Great Wall at the east of China, while Overhanging Great Wall at the west of China. As the section of Shuzhou Guanxi Great Wall, it is an important part of the Jiayuguan ancient military defense system. Located 11 km away from Jiayuguan City and 6.5 km to the northwest of Jiayuguan Fortress, the Overhanging Great Wall was built in 1539 for enhancing the defense system of Jiayuguan Pass. 

In 1539, for enhancing the defense function of Jiayuguan Pass, Suzhou rectifying armed force, Lihan, built the overhanging Great Wall outside the dark wall staring from the mountain of the south of the Xiguan Gorge. The construction of the 15 km wall was completed in 1540. The Overhanging Great Wall made the defense system of the Jiayuguan Pass stricter. As the wall precipitous drop from the mountain, it looks like overhanging on the mountain hence the name.

The Overhanging Great Wall just remains a short section which is 4 m wide on the bottom, 2 m wide on the top, and 0.5 to 6 m high. The flaky stone layer is about 10 to 15 mm, and the soil layer is about 10 to 12 mm. The remained 750 m long Great Wall was renovated in 1987. About 231 m long section of the Great Wall was hang 150 m high with a slope of 45°and 6 m in height. The flaky stone layer and soil layer just like they used to be.

The materials of the main body of Overhanging Great Wall are gravels and loess. There are 3 watch towers. After the renovated in 1987, the wall is totally 750 m. The shape of the wall is just like Badaling Great Wall, and is very magnificent with the reputation as “Western Badaling Great Wall".

Siguan Gorge Overhanging Great Wall Scenic Area

Xiguanxia Gorge Overhanging Great Wall Scenic Area is located 14 km away to the northwest of Jiayuguan City and 8.4 km away from Jiayuguan Fortress. The theme of the scenic area is the ancient Silk Road Culture and Great Wall Culture. The sightseeing in the scenic area include includes the Overhanging Great Wall, “Silk Road" sculptures group, Jiayuguan ancient weapons and so on.