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Dunhuang Attractions

Situated 180 kilometers in the northwest away from Dunhuang City, the Dunhuang Yadan National Geologic Park is the largest one of Yadan Landform found so far. The park stretches twenty-five kilometers from north to south and about two kilometers from east to west. It features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of gobi desert. The most magnificent view...
Singing Sand Dune (Mingsha Hill) starts from Mogao Grottoes in the east. It is 40km from east to west, and 20 from south to north. Mingsha (whistling sands) Hill and Crescent Spring scenic spots are 7 kilometers away from downtown Dunhuang and cover a total area of around 200 square kilometers. The dune is with an elegant shape. When people slide down...
Mogao Grottoes are located precipice at on the east foot of the Mingsha Hill. First dug in 366 A.D., Mogao Grottoes is one of three noted grottoes in China for its fabulous frescos and statues. And in December 1987the Mogao Grottoes have been included into the List of the World Cultural Heritages by the UNESCO. Today, the...
Sun Pass or Yang Pass, Yangguan, which was a military post along the Silk Road in Han Dynasty, is located 70 km southwest of Dunhuang
White Horse Pagoda was originally built in 386 AD & became a major stop on the Silk Road. It was built in memory of a white horse during Former Qin Dynasty
Yumenguan Pass was a strategic pass on the ancient Silk Road. Yumen in Chinese means the jade of Gate. It was so named because the jade of Hotan in what is now Xinjiang region was transported to central China through this pass.
Western Thousand Buddha Caves or Xiqian Fodong is located 35km south of Dunhuang, beside the Danghe River cliff. You can do it as a day trip
The Yulin Caves built in Northern Wei Dynasty of China, is located on Qinlian Mountain, southwest of Mogao Grottoes
The Ancient City of Dunhuang is in the most west corner of Hexi Corridor in Gansu province. Dunhuang is a famous tourist city with a profound history in the western China.
Dunhuang Shazhou Night Market in Gansu is a good place to explore & to eat some local delicacy and snacks & buy some handicrafts
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