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Dunhuang is not a cosmopolis modern city, she is more like a antique pearl sitting on a splendid history crown. There are not any night clubs or bars for night entertainment for tourists. But the Dunhuang Shazhou Night Market here is the biggest night market of the whole city and offering you a great opportunity for an evening walk and a souvenir shopping chance! 

    Dunhuang Shazhou Night Market is a must-go site at night if you are staying at Dunhuang for a night and a good place to go if you are ready to try some of the locate delicacy and snacks as well. It is consisted of five separate sections which is locate snacks section, hand crafts sections, tea and drinking resting section, herbs and grain selling section and locate specialty section. You could sit and have a drink at the drinking area and watch the bustle and hustle world going by, or you could join the crowd and indulge yourself for seeking a gift for your families back home in the hand craft area. They are selling hundreds and millions small reduplicate version of the Dunhuang Goddess Fei Tian at a great value. The most notable thing is that there are over 100 stalls sitting in front the street selling luminous cups, Dunhuang silk rugs, books, murals copies and other beautiful things. Or you could treat yourself in the snack and eating area for a juicy mutton pie.

Location: Dunhuang Shazhou night market is near the city centre, on the Yangguan Dong Lu Street. (Chinese address: 敦煌沙洲夜市,阳关东路) When you see the stature of the flying goddess of Fei Tian, you shall head east and keep walking for another 500 meters, then you should be able to identify the market there. Below is the stature of the goddess of Fei Tian which could help you locate yourself. 

Transportation:Dunhuang Shazhou night market is near city centre, if your hotel is also in downtown we suggest you walk there as Dunhuang is not too big to locate yourself. However, if you lost your orientation though you have tried, you could take a taxi there within ten minutes at a cost of just 5 yuan.

Opening Hours: Dunhuang Shazhou night market opens all day, but the best time to attend is after eight o’clock at night. This is because Dunhuang sits in a longitude far west to Beijing, therefore, the sunset time of here is normally around 20:30 Beijing time.  

Recommended Hours of Visit : 2 to 3 hours.  

Ticket Fare: Free