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Xiamen Attractions

The residence on Gulangyu Island love music very much.With a small population of 10,000 or so, Xiamen has over 600 pianos, ranking first in China in the density of pianos.
South Putuo Temple is one of the top attractions in Xiamen that worth visiting, which was constructed in Tang Dynasty, covering an area of 258000 Sq Meters
The Tulou in Nanjing are clustered in the town of Shuyang, Meilin, Chuangchang, Kuiyang and Hexi. You can visit them as a day trip from Xiamen
When travel in Fujian, don’t miss visiting Tulou in Yongding, where there are over forty Tulous within the Hongkeng Village
Xiamen University in Fujian Province was built in 1921 by a famous oversea Chinese Mr Tan Kah Kee & is regarded as one of the most beautiful universities in China
Hulishan Fort is located in the Hulishan seashore at the southern end of Xiamen Island together with Rongguang Cultural Relics and Treasures Museum.
Jimei University in Xiamen is another famous attraction in Xiamen that was founded by Mr Tan Kah Kee. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful school in China
The Oversea Chinese Museum established in 1956 by the famous leader of oversea Chinese - Mr Tan Kah Kee is located at No.493 at South Siming Road in Xiamen
Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou with a long history of 1300 years is a Hindu-buddhist temple that was constructed in Tang Dynasty, which offers much to see
Holy Islamic Tombs is located at the foot of Mt Lingshan outside the east gated of Quanzhou within reach by bus or train from Xiamen or Fuzhou
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