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CCTV Broadcasts Zhangjiajie’s Poem Culture

On 29th April, Morning News ,one of the well-known CCTV news channel has broadcast a piece of news which lasting 6minutes and 33seconds .This report focuses on the Tujia poem culture in Shiyaping village, Yongding District,Zhanjiajie.

Located in the southeast border of Zhangjiajie, Shiyaping village is the largest site of Tujia stilted buildings in China。Also, it is a famous tourism village and provincial-rank cultural relic protection site. In 2013, this village was listed on China’s traditional villages thus rated as Zhangjiajie’s shining cultural diamond.

Shiyaping village possesses not only the ancient stilted buildings also the historical water-powered rollers, waterwheels and old-fashioned fried workshops. Poem in Tujia is filled with their special characteristics and historical feelings. The daily life, spring farming and affairs between young men and ladies are the main topics of their poems. Tujia people in Shiyaping village can create poems whenever and wherever, even the nonagenarians. Making poems has already one part of their life and passes on from generation to generation. CCTV has comprehensively broadcast it on 29th morning.It helps to reveal the mysterious and traditional beauty of Tujia culture to people all around the world.

By Aileen