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50 National Professional Models Went into Zhangjiajie

On May 16th, 50 professional models who come from all parts of the country went into the zhangjiajie national forest park. With breathing the fresh air of nature, they felt the beautiful scenery in the world natural heritage and welcomed the 12th ACI international professional model contest.

It is understood that the 12th ACI international professional model contest in China has 5 days. On may 20th, it will choose professional male and female model, the best popularity award, the best skin prize, the best charm award prize, and so on. All the winners will gain a ā€œinternational professional model certificateā€ which issued by ACI international professional model certification body. The champion will represent China to participate in the global finals.

During the finals, the organizing committee will organize all the models in huangshi village, baofeng lake, huanglong hole, military academies and other attractions to perform arts filming activities and folk experience. Through the image display, the camera performance, T stage performance and teamwork spirit, people can have a evaluation for the contestants.

Translated by Sophia