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Harbin Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, or known as the Central Avenue, has been the most prosperous commercial hub for over one hundred years in downtown Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China. The street stretches to Harbin Flood Prevention Cenotaph Square to the north and Xinyang Square to the south. The street is 1400 meters long and 21.34 meters wide. The whole street is divided into a couple of different parts and vehicles are not allowed to run along the street. Built in 1898, the Central Avenue is dubbed as "a gallery of European architectural art", for it is featured with a large number of western architectures, including Russian, Baroque, Renaissance and other style buildings. For visitors who have never been to Moscow, Rome or Paris can get a feeling and appreciation for the architecture of those cities by visiting the Central Avenue in Harbin. Harbin is known as “Eastern Moscow” or “Eastern Paris”, and as the miniature of Harbin, the Central Avenue is the landmark of Harbin city that you can not miss.

On both sides of the Zhongyang Pedestrian Street are hundreds of stores and restaurants, forming a mature commercial service center. In recent years, the outside appearance of the stores has been refurbished, and has been decorated with lanterns and all kinds of colored streamers. The transformation has made Central Avenue all the more attractive, especially at night when all the streamer and lights are on.

As the most exotic street in Harbin, you may find many commodities from the rest of the world available in the lined stores. The commodities you can find here includes furs from Russia, perfume from France, woolen cloths from Britain, cotton cloths from Japan, medicine from Germany, oil from the United States, clocks and watches from Switzerland, gunny bags from India, and dry and fresh fruits from various places.

What to Do in the Central Avenue

Shopping would be a funny thing to do. As the most prosperous commercial street in Harbin, there are various large department stores along Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, selling all kinds of products and it attracted to numerous people who love shopping. Except for the local craft products, Russian nesting dolls are quite fit to families or friends as souvenirs. You can buy them in the craft shops. But it is a little expensive to buy Russian nesting dolls in Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, and it is hard to get discount.

Enjoy an authentic Russian style meal is must try thing in Harbin. Famous Russian food restaurant
includes Macy Restaurant, Botemanxi Russian restaurant, etc.

If you travel to Harbin in winter, you will find many interesting and beautiful ice engravings

At the northern end of the Central Avenue is Flood Prevention Cenotaph Station, Songhua River is only 20 minutes’ waking away from the street. Walk eastwards from the middle of the street is Zhaoling Park - a garden for winter ice lanterns. Saint Sophia Cathedral is also within walking distance. After touring along the street, you may have a leisure stroll to the nearby attractions.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: Daoli District, Harbin 150000, Heilongjiang Province, China
【Opening hours】: all day for free
【Recommended time to stay】: 1 or 2 hours
【How to get there】: Zhongyang Pedestrian Street is sited in downtown Harbin and enjoys convenient transport. You may take 2, 12, 16, 23, 24, 29, 74, 79, 101, 102, 103, 118, 126 or 201 ot get off at Flood Prevention Cenotaph Station (防洪纪念塔); or take 2, 53, 113, 114, 126 to Zhongyang Pedestrian Street Station (中央大街站).