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Zhangjiajie“No Finishing”Advocated in Wulingyuan Area

On May 28th, fishery administration officers of Wulingyuan strengthen advocation to no fishing enforcement and fishery protection, making sure that fish have a sound reproduction in breeding season.

According to the report, as Suoxi river is targeted as a no-fishing zone, Wulingyuan forbids anyone to fish in Suoxi river. At the same time, fishery law enforcement officers increase enforcement efforts and advocate education, which can further protect fishery resources. Furthermore, illegal acts is severely published and fishery resources of Suoxi river is protected through inspections, secret investigation and deep-going publicity among villagers.

On May 24th, animal husbandry bureau received reports from the masses that two local idle people catched fish by electricity in Xibu Street district of Suoxi river. Fishery law enforcement officers conducted criticism and education to these people and confiscated fishing tools according to relevant laws and regulations, which severely cracked down illegal fishing behaviors.

Through a series of advocation and education activities, no-fishing advocation is widely known among villagers and the masses fully understand the meaning and purpose of no-fishing, which further expand the influence of fishery administration and create a sound social atmosphere for no-fishing work.

Translated by Crystal