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Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave’s public commitment board of four services

“Because of this marked public commitment board, we can travel more comfortably in the zhangjiajie!”, praised by several visitors from Fujian in the morning of May 9th when they are at the entrance of Yellow Dragon Cave square and see this board,We have learned that this public commitment board of four services consists of tourism consulting services,tourists’security services,tourists relieving services,tourism integrity services.The Public commitment board is both in Chinese and English.It contains guide map, which unveils the detailed scope and contact phone number of the four services.

In terms of tourism consulting services, Yellow Dragon Cave scenic spot also sets up the tourism consulting rooms to provide free tourist communications, scenic spots introduction, information inquiry, tourist routes recommendation for the majority of tourists.

According to the head of the Yellow Dragon Cave, The establishment of a public commitment board is aimed at innovating social management, accepting public supervision, and deepening activities of “security and satisfaction in zhangjiajie” better so as to create a safe and satisfied tourist destination. Since the Public commitment board has been founded for 3 months, it has offered consulting services for thousands of tourists fervidly, thus received favorable comments from all walks of life.

By Brenda