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Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie Scenic Area has a Wonder of Cloud Sea and Cloud Waterfall

On April 24th, after the rain, on an early morning, world natural heritage wulingyuan scenic area Yangjiajie has a wonder of sea of clouds and cloud waterfall, making a lot of photographers and self-driving tourists live in the fairyland.

In Yangjiajie, the clouds have focused on Tian Bofu scenic area, last about two hours. With the blue sky, red sun, castle peak and green trees, the clouds of Yangjiajie like a distinct, spectacular ink picture, also like lyrics.

Zhangjiajie YangJiajie scenic area is located in the western part of wulingyuan, nearby tianzi mountain and Yuanjiajie scenic spot, and the landscape is wonderful and strange.

Translated by Sophia