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The Second “Zhangjiajie Tourism Image Store” is set up in Taiwan

On April 19th, the second “Zhangjiajie Tourism Image Store” is set up in Taiwan.It is the second tourism office in Taiwan after the first one set by Zhangjiajie in Taipei in 2011.Chen danfeng, Committee of Zhangjiajie standing committee and deputy mayor, and Xu chuansheng, director of the tourism department of Kaohsiung, attend the ceremony and inaugurate the tourism office.

Chen danfeng says, the establishment of “Zhangjiajie Image Store” in Kaohsiung and Zhangjiajie tourism office are aimed not only to provide tourists in southern Taiwan with more consultation services, promote Zhangjiajie tourism products,tour lines and policy for investment and business, but also to encourage more Taiwanese to travel and do business in Zhangjiajie, further expanding economic, trade and travel cooperation between Zhangjiajie and Taiwan. Meanwhile, the tourism office is favorable to carry out cooperation in terms of tourism management and resources sharing between the two sides.

Xu chuansheng highly expresses his support to the operation of “Zhangjiajie Tourism Image Store” and looks forward to visiting Zhangjiajie,boosting bilateral cooperation on tourism.

Translated by Crystal