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Zhangjiajie Xibu Street Promoting Tourist“Night Economy”

On May 29 in the evening, situated at the riverside of Suoxihe in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan, Xibu street showed a gorgeous lamplight. Surrounded by the campfire, tourist guests at home and abroad as well as local Tujia people were dancing and singing in a fervent and happy atmosphere.

As a tourist transformation and leasure cultural tourism, Xibu street is a landmark building in Zhangjiajie. After one year’s development, it has became a prosperous “Night Economy” Combined with local customs, sightseeing, leasure, shopping and dinning, it also turned to be one the biggest comprehensive tourist area in Hunan. It is said that over 3000 people came to visit Xibu street every day since the upcoming of this summer.

By Emma