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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Junsheng Museum Opened in Xibu Street

Recently,with the reputation of “sand painting art palace” national 3A level scenic spots Junsheng museum opened in wulingyuan.

As a new painting, sand painting not only has the spirit of chinese watercolor painting, also has dignified oil painting. It has the elaborate picture, as well as anaglyph stereo feeling. Because its made from sand, plants and other natural materials, it won the reputation of “environmental protection type”.

In line with the culture concept of “simple, nature, innovation”, the painter Li Junsheng ′s “sand painting” is a blend of thought wisdom of the painter and national emotion, and combines with sand, natural materials, reflecting the painters′ feeling of life. It has a unique style on the contemporary chinese painting.

The openning of wulingyuan sand painting hall, marked the depth fusion of “art and market”, “culture and tourism”. Through the pavilion, visitors can not only see a more beautiful zhangjiajie, realizing tujia artistic talents, but also bring another “zhangjiajie” as a permanent collection to home.

Translated by Sophia