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Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave Rape Flowers Is Gaining Great Popularity

With the coming of spring, hundred acres of rape flowers are racing to open in the eco-square of Yellow Dragon Cave in Zhangjiajie just like a charming watercolor painting. Thus, a lot of tourists and local citizens regard it as the best choice of suburb tour.

In the eco-square, under the setoff of blue sky and white clouds, hundred acres of rape flowers are exceptionally inviting with the company of dancing bees. It is also a great chance for children to acquaint with miscellaneous plants.

According to the saying of the principal of Yellow Dragon Cave, the daily tourist receipt quantity is about 2000. In the eco-square, not only rape flowers, but also over 70 kinds of trees are planted. The eco-square is more and more popular. It is believed that a new peak of tourists will arrive during the Labor’s Day.

By Patricia