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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan District will be built for Hunan “Poem Town”

At the conference, Yao Shaowu, Propaganda Minister of District Committee, expressed his confidence in building the Poem Town in Wulingyuan for numerous domestic and foreign excellent work having been handed down in this miraculousl and of Wulingyuan. What’s important most for this Poetry Association remains in taking full advantage of preponderant resources of their own by on the one hand providing indigenous poets good environment to create and produce, and on the other hand improving communication with poet’s fraternity, aiming to attract more poetry lovers to Wulingyuan for better propaganda.

Established 2005, Poetry Association of Wulingyuan District now possesses over 30 members.So far,nearly 2000 poems have been published including poetry collection of “The Weight of Hometown” composed by Li Yizhong,and “Poetic Journey” by Hu Shaocong and so on. With joint endeavor of all related parties, Wulingyuan is expected to become a Poem Town at an early date.

By Patricia