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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Tourist Industries Seek for Advice in Wuhan

On March 18th, wulingyuan promotion groups in hubei wuhan, held a tourism communion meeting, with the theme of “being away from the fog, and traveling zhangjiajie”.

Around with the problems, such as “big traffic in and out of zhangjiajie “, “scenic spot ticket prices”, “market promotion”, “tourism train”, “marketing follow-up”, “packaging product design” and so on. Each group had a face to face talk with wulingyuan scenic area administration leaders, puting forward a series of ways to solve the tourism “bottleneck” restriction.

With the closed distance to the zhangjiajie, wuhan had a large population, which became one of the important tourism group to zhangjiajie. Wuhan tourism departments and the traveling salesman also said the product in wulingyuan is very unique and mature. With the improvement of traffic and reception environment, zhangjiajie will attract more wuhan citizens.

Translated by Sophia