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Zhangjiajie Worked Hard at Protecting and Developing Giant Salamander

Since a long time ago, Zhangjiajie has been known for its good reputation—“the hometown of giant salamander”.Lately, Zhangjiajie deputy mayor Xiang Zuoyi called a meeting for deploying the protection and development of giant salamander in 2013.

Participating departments all agreed that the Strategic Research on Zhangjiajie Giant Salamanders’ Brand Strategies further raveled out the way of building the brand development and theoretically pointed out the following developing direction of Zhangjiajie giant salamander. Xiang Zuoyi stated that we should think deeply integrating study,extract practical implementation plans,apply research achievement properly and increase input. As for publicity, we should work hard to blend Zhangjiajie giant salamander in tour guide manuals as well as scenic spot introduction.On the basis of making full use of media publicity, implementing activities as many as possible.

Translated by Becky