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Zhangjiajie Winning One of the 9 dreamlike Tourist Resorts in China

On June 22, reporters from nationwide internet media covered that, considered the most scientific and imaginative tourist attractions in China, Zhangjiajie was awarded as one of the 9 dreamlike tourist resorts, listed No 2. among 9 of them.

According to the inter-download of China Network, Guangming Network, China Economy Network and Sina Network, Zhangjiajie is described as a miracle of mount where someone feel like entering into a new world with dreamlike sights and experience, which is the most scientific and imaginative tourist attractions. In particular, the release of the movie-Avatar added a fantasy color of alien planet. Though Pandora is far away, Zhangjiajie is reachable and accessible.

Since 20 century in the 80s, owing to its charming and beautiful sights, Zhangjiajie was greatly admired by the world. There are many words of praise. People commended Zhangjiajie as a maze of nature and a souvenir of the earth. Someone would heartily highly praise its unbelievable beauty. Zhu rongji, the previous prime minister called Zhangjiajie has  supernatural being. A princess from Thailand joyfully made an inscription“A fantasy world, a breath-taking scenary”.

By Emma