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Zhangjiajie Held “Happy Xiaoxiang Beautiful Park” Recreational and Sports Activity

On July 1, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park held “Happy Xiaoxiang Beautiful Park” recreational and sports activity in order to celebrate the 92nd birthday of the Communist Party. Four teams consist by dancing group, staff of park ticket office and retired comrades, etc performed broadcast gymnastics, Tai chi, square dances, waist drum dance, horse riding dance. The spectacles offered a brilliant visual feast to audience and tourists.

On the site of this huge activity, performers fully engaged in performance and successfully created a joyful atmosphere. Applauses and cheering from audience were flooded. The most exciting show presented by park ticket office workers was the horse-riding dance and the folk square dance, which attracted many visitors to take photos as a souvenir. One visitors from Beijing said , such a performance is full of folk flavor and let people feel quite good for its cultural atmosphere.

By Aileen