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Zhangjiajie Selected into China’s Nine Major Dreamy Trips

On June 22, The journalist has learned from many national network media that thanks to its “The Most Scientific fiction and the Most Imaginary”, Zhangjiajie is selected into China’s nine major dreamy trips, ranking the third place.

According to “Checking China’s Nine Major Dreamy Trip” reprinted by China Net, China Economic Net and Sina.com, Zhangjiajie is exclaimed the miracle of mountains and when you are in the scene, you feel as if you were in other world with incredible views and dreamlike experience. It is “The Most Scientific fiction and the Most Imaginary”. Especially since the show of Avatar, “Pandora Is Far Away, Zhangjiajie Is Very Close” adds illusionary colors of exoplanet to Zhangjiajie’s journey.

Besides, along with Zhangjiajie, fireflies water tunnel scenic spot of Shandong, Nine-village valley, Yalong bay of Hainan, Hulunbeir prairie, Xisha island and other scenic spots have been selected into the dreamy trip.

Translated by Crystal