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Zhangjiajie Second International Network Photography Competition Released

On April 20th, the Second International Network Photography Competition in Zhangjiajie–“Bao Feng Lake Cup” is released. Among 1,000 selected works, Judges from the photographers’ association in state,Hunan and Zhangjiajie select 6 premium collection works with reward of 10,000RMB respectively,14 gold collection works with reward of 3,000RMB respectively,28 silver collection works,42 copper collection works,70 excellent works and 20 popular works.The persons who have premium collection works and gold collection works are conferred “The Mountain Man” and given the right to visit the core scenic spots in Wulingyuan all their life without any charge.

Li shufeng, the major judge of the competition and deputy chairman of China Photography Association, thinks highly of this event.He holds that this competition is a great success and it combines various elements like photography arts, cyber language, low-carbon tour, with plentiful high-quality works.The assessment embodies openness, fairness and just with the award-winning works fully displaying beautiful natural scenery and special cultural customs in Zhangjiajie.

Meanwhile, Zhangjiajie is holding photography competition for “Beautiful Yellow Dragon Cave” with a total reward of 400,000.The deadline is due on July. In this year, Zhangjiajie is continuous to organize such high-end photography competition.

Translated by Crystal