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Zhangjiajie Recruit “Grassroots” Bands at Homeand Abroad

Natural landscape of the world shows our country music. On July 2rd, 2013 zhangjiajie international country music committee sends out a recruitment that they invite “grassroots” music singers or bands both at home and abroad for the first time to share the “music carnival”.

It is understood that the recruited “grassroots” will not limited by age, area, number and type and style of music, as long as they can show the charm of national country music, they can sign through the official website: www.zjjcountrymusic.com for registration.

Since the country music festival successfully has held in 2009 and 2011, zhangjiajie country music brand wins music lovers’ attention and favor both at home and abroad. Zhangjiajie has become one of the most unique country music show stage. 2013 zhangjiajie international country music has a recruitment of “grassroots” bands, which aims to absorb the essence of the outstanding international team, and show the diversity of ethnic music. For the majority of music lovers, it builds a platform of displaying music talent. For the musicians and music enthusiasts, it arouse music performance enthusiasm. It is a world music culture feast that devoting the charming of country music. This feast not only makes a contribution for  zhangjiajie tourism, but also for chinese and foreign cultural exchange.

Translated by Sophia