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2013 Hunan “Auspiciousness and Longevity Cup” Bicycle Race will kick off

On July 7th, the press conference fowas held at Meixi Lake International New City Fountain Plaza in Changsha. The Bicycle race will be hosted by Provincial Sport Bureau, Provincial Tourist Administration and the Communist Youth League Hunan Provincial Party Committee.

The race has been smoothly held five terms, which integrated competition with sightseeing, low carbon life and leisure, winning warm reception from the society. In this year, 100 competitors will take part in this activity. They will ride through 7 cities, namely, Xiangtan, Changsha, Loudi, Huaihua, Changdei, Yiyang and Yueyang. As planned, the first round will start at Chairman Mao’s Former Residence in Shaoshan, Xiangtan, the last round at Junshan Island in Yueyang.

Press conference for 2013 Hunan “Auspiciousness and Longevity Cup” bycicle

By Emma