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Zhangjiajie Rated as the Most Beautiful Scenic Spots in Hunan Province

On April 21,2013, A closely focused poll on the theme of “splendid Xiaoxiang, nature beauty—the most beautiful scenic spot in my mind” put on an end. Zhangjiajie ranked steadily No.1, becoming the most beautiful tourist attraction in Hunan province.

Sponsored by Hunan Daily Newspaper, the poll commenced in early April and received a widespread attention from the provincial scenic spots and all walks of life. According to the statistics, a total of 70 scenic spots in the province took part in the activity. Besides, about 10 thousand people voted on the spot or through network, telephone as well as text message. Based on the number of votes, the top 6 scenic spots went to Zhangjiajie, Yueyang Tower, Fenghuang, Love Dusk Pavillion on Yuelu hill, Juzizhou and Heng Mountain.An insider pointed out that Zhangjiajie deserved such a title because it has gained reputation at home and abroad with the crowns as follows: national 5A-level scenic area, national civilized scenery tourist area, China’s first national forest,world natural heritage, world geological park.

Translated by Emma