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Zhangjiajie Pullman Passing the Bronze Certification-“t

Recycle of paper and CFL; timely recovery of waste batteries; participation in the protection of ecology of the scenic spots…Source from ZZhangjiajie Jingwu Pullman Hotel–The first five-star hotel in Zhangjiajie learned that the hotel has passed the bronze certification of sustainable development project–“The Earth in the 21st Century” held by French accor hotel management group, which signs the the hotel’s progress in advocating ecology, energy-saving, environmental-friendly ideal and hotel innovative management.

In April lat year, French accor hotel management group officially released the sustainable development project, which covered the group’s measures in environmental protection and back coupling society, came up with 21 commitments and quantitative goals in seven aspects, in terms of healthy, nature, low-carbon, innovation, local community, job and dialogue, and introduced bronze, silver, golden and platinum certifications.

As a branch of the high-end business leisure holiday brand hotel of French accor hotel management group, Zhangjiajie Jingwu Pullman Hotel, in line with 21 commitments and quantitative goals, carries out 10 promoting measures, such as training for the employees, building environmental-friendly ideal, creating more jobs and participation in ecological protection, etc. After a year’s hard work, the project’s quantitative goals meets the bronze certification standards.

According to the report, many aspects have been improved in terms of reducing energy consumption and water supply volume, promoting local products and providing balanced diet, which makes it possible to pass the silver certification at the end of June.

Translated by Crystal