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Preventing Measures are Set in Rainy Day in Zhangjiajie

A large-scale rainfall in Zhangjiajie on June 6th, not results in any unpleasant feeling but displays an infrequent and wonderful view for tourists. In particular, the sea of clouds which surrounding the mountain peaks is so intoxicating that tourists at home and abroad are deeply impressed. By report that this rainfall will not be of much detriment to Zhangjiajie’s tourism, in contrary, its cloudy and rainy weather makes Zhangjiajie more charming and mysterious for tourists.

What is more, related departments are all ready for any incidents caused by the rain and have made considerable safety preparations. Thus, all the transportation tools in scenic zones are on well operation. such as the cable cars, elevators and eco-buses. At present, improved and strengthened preventing measures are set in Wulingyuan district, which aim at ensuring a safety and satisfying for tourists.

By Aileen