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Zhangjiajie Photographers Collecting Pictures in Wulingyuan White Tiger Hall

On June 9th, Zhangjiajie’s 30 photographers gather in Wulingyuan White Tiger Hall scenic spot, conducting photography pictures collecting activity, themed with “Close to Nature”.

This event is held by Zhangjiajie club of international photography association, Wulingyuan photography association and Zhangjiajie Rednet. The members are from local photographers and photographers from Rednet. During the activity, the attendants are enchanted by original ecological scenery, focusing their cameras on the green mountains and limpid rivers and “closing”nature in their practical actions.

White Tiger Hall scenic spot Located in Wulingyuan Suoxiyu county, near to Bao feng Lake scenic spot, Bao feng Lake is endowed with splendid scenery, receiving favors from outdoors activity amateurs and photographers amateurs. The person in charge of the Zhangjiajie club of international photography association exclaims that Zhangjiajie is beautiful, the photographers love beauty, and they will organize more activities to discover Zhangjiajie’s beauty and promote Zhangjiajie.

Translated by crystal