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“The Most Beautiful” 5D Film Hall to be launched in Zhangjiajie

The heat of 3D has not subsides, 5D is emerging. On June 8th, source from Zhangjiajie Geo-park exhibition hall has learned that the most beautiful 5D film hall will be launched in October, explaining the cause of “Zhangjiajie landform” to tourists from global and bringing new interactive experience.

“5D film hall is a terrific facility for scientific popularization, enabling the visitors to experiencing the joy of out space wander, feeling Zhangjiajie’s ups and downs in the past 380 billion years”says Mr.Chen, the person in charge of upgrading and rebuilding of the exhibition hall of Zhangjiajie geo-park, “the introduction of 5D film hall can not only make up the absence of 5D film hall in world geo-park, but also promote a lively stage for scientific knowledge”.

According to the report, 50D film hall is one that is based on 4D film hall, and realizes the interaction between the audience and the virtual characters in the screen through unique landscape decoration, advanced PC software technology and 3D graphics and animation technology. Its screen forms a semi-circle, and the audience half-lie in the chairs for experiencing the feels of up, down and shake. When you see films in 5D film hall, you can “touch Zhangjiajie’s hoodoos”, but “meet with” scenes of wind bowing, raining and sea of clouds, feeling you are personally in the scene.

At the same time, the upgrading and rebuilding of the exhibition hall of Zhangjiajie Geo-park will set up paleontology hall, animal and plant specimens hall, comprehensive hall, etc, and over 20,000 specimens of rare animals, plants, microbes and minerals, which disseminate Zhangjiajie geo-park scientific knowledge and present research, educational and academic values.

Effect pictures of Zhangjiajie Geo-park