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Zhangjiajie Park Free Entrance for Global Primary and Middle School Students?!

On April 15, Chen Danfeng, the member of the standing committee, said that the ticket fee in scenic spots of Zhangjiajie would not increase during this year. In addition, the government has made a draft on free entrance policy for primary and middle school students under the age of 19 at home and abroad.

Mr Chen introduced that all those who hold their ID card, students ID card,or passport will be accessible to the scenic area for free upon the approval of the draft. He also pointed out that he core to develop tourism in Zhangjiajie can be described as a shift from sightseeing tour to multi-facet travel. In other words, multi-facet travel put emphasis on multicultural and integrated tourist products rather than merely dependence on the income from the ticket fee.“Zhangjiajie owns not only fantastic landform scenery, but also clean water and green food. We are cooperating with foreign companies in Wuling mountainous area to develop clean water and high mountain vegetable.”he added.

Translated by Crystal