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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, The World Top 10 Charming Forests

According the source from Reuters on April 19, the world renowned American travel website—Cheapflights.com ,selected out”the World Top 10 Charming Forests” to celebrate the coming of the World Earth Day on April 22. On the list were Poland Bending Forest, Japan Sagano Bamboo Forest, America German Black Forest ,America Caddo Lake, Zhangjiajie National Forest, America Wormwood National Forest, Białowieża Forest between the border of Poland and Belorussia, Australia Daintree Rainforest,Costa Rica Monteverde, Cloud Forest Preserve and New Zealand Waipoua Forest Area.

The top 10 charming forests showed a mysterious beauty of nature on earth , which has overwhelmed people all over the world with various unbelievable, breath-taking and miraculous sights from a lush tropical rain forest to a primitive forest.